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Members Relation Officers (Click here for detail information)

Job Title:Members Relation Officer

Job Reference: (to be assigned during/on the contract agreement with employee)

Job Grade: Grade 5

Number of Employees Required: 2

Department:New Members and Resource Mobilization

Classification/Categories: Full time

Reports to:DGM

Salary: Based on organizational scale

Job Summary:

Members Relation Officer (MRO) will report directly to the Deputy General Manager(DGM) and will manage Awach’s membership system and member relations. This role includes managing new membership applications, promotion activities, liaison with the HO, and communication about membership and applications.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the quality and integrity of Awach’s membership records
  • Answer queries from current and prospective members about membership, activities and services of the Society.
  • Manage the approval of membership applications
  • Review new membership records for completeness
  • Represent the Society in the Branch Offices
  • Responsible for mobilization of new members and marketing of Awach’s products.
  • Sourcing for new members for the Society
  • Assist the development of a resource mobilization and fundraising strategy
  • Network and liaise with key stakeholders and partnersin her/his location
  • Advice management working groups on potential loanable funding opportunities and changes in donor priorities
  • Identify and source quality technical and programming support in a timely manner
  • S/he is responsible for organizing, motivating and mobilizing target beneficiaries. 
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Communication, Capacity Building Groups & other staff to design and implement successful promotion and resource mobilization strategy.    
  • Support and work with other staffs to build capacity of membersthrough training, workshops, follow-up and linkages.    
  • Support to conduct baseline and other studies.    
  • Coordinate with members and relevant stakeholders (GOs and NGs, Banks and other financial institutions, UN agencies, and other existing and relevant INGOs) for promotional, relationship & resource mobilization tasks.    
  • Ensure personal commitment in building constructive working relationship and establish positive working relationships with members, and other stakeholders.
  • Prepare and implement action plan for quality monitoring  
  • Report timely to the DGM, especially monthly, quarterly, biannual, nine months and annual reports timely   
  • Carry out other responsibilities and tasks as directed by the DGM & GM

(This job description is to be revised from time to time)

Key Qualifications and Skills including Personal Qualities

  • The minimum qualification required for this position is BA/BSc, in Economics, Business, Accounting, Banking & Finance and or other related fields.
  • Prior Experience inSACCOS, Microfinance Bank or other Financial Institutions is an advantage
  • Excellent interpersonal, spoken and written communication skills, especially via email
  • Highly developed skills in using the Microsoft Office suite of programs
  • The ability to work in a systematic way with a minimum of direction