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Motorbike Driver & Facilitator (Click here for detail information )

Job Title: Motorbike Driver and Facilitator

Job Reference: (to be assigned during/on the contract agreement with employee)

Job Grade: Grade 3

Number of Employees Required: 2

Department: Finance &Administration

Classification/Categories: Full time

Reports to: FAMs

Salary: Based on organizational scale

Job Summary:

The Motorbike Driver is responsible for running errands, making minor purchases and assists in purchasing processes, assisting in customs clearing, document exchange with authorities and institutions and other small administrative and logistic procedures. He will also be responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance, fueling and driving of the approved motorbike/vehicle as authorized by the GM.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

Facility and Equipment Maintenance

  • Takes responsibility to maintain the facility and equipment at full functionality, by conducting routine checks and on request
  • Handles all sorts of requests concerning technical problems

 Facilitating administrative processes and procurement

  • Runs errands, e.g. delivery of letters/messages, payment of bills
  • Makes minor purchases and assists in purchasing processes
  • Assists in customs clearing, document exchange with authorities and institutions and other small administrative and logistic procedures

Driving and Chauffeuring

  • Drives motorbikes/vehicles safely and chauffeur staff, visitors and guests
  • Assists in the transport of goods
  • Assists other unexpected logistic activities
  • Wears appropriate clothing and serves in a friendly manner
  • Immediately reports any involvement of motorbike/vehicle in any, even minor accidents, or any damage or theft of equipment from the vehicle
  • Reports any incident when off duty that may affect his/her driving license entitlement, as well as any newly known health problems that may affect his/her ability to drive
  • Assists in driving employees from other projects and counterparts, if and when required
  • Does not use the motorbike/vehicle for private purposes at any time without prior permission from his/her superior.

Maintenance of Motorbikes/Vehicles

  • Responsible for the Motorbikes/Vehicles documents and its care
  • Keeps a vehicle logbook on a daily basis and registers for a monthly check
  • Calculates the petrol, oil, and lubricant used on a monthly basis
  • Cleans the inside and outside of the office motorbike/vehicle regularly
  • Checks oil, water, brake and clutch fluids on a daily basis; tyre pressure, battery water, and overall vehicle condition on a monthly basis or after 5000 km (depending what comes earlier), tests lights, brakes, bodywork for dents, etc.
  • Reports if the motorbike/vehicle needs to be maintained
  • Undertakes easy repairs

Other Duties

  • If there is no outside driving activity, s/he stands by at the office, supports other colleagues if the need arises, and does other office work as assigned
  • Assists in and/or carries out other office activities and tasks as assigned by supervisors
  • Any other official duties assigned by supervisors that do not interfere with regular duties.

Key Qualifications and Skills including Personal Qualities

  • Basic secondary education
  • Valid three-years accident-free drivers’ license
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Responsible, timely, honest
  • Good mechanical knowledge