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Awach SACCOS celebrated the International Saving and Credit Cooperatives day

Awach SACCOS celebrated the International Saving and Credit day on October 17, 2020 with members, cooperative experts, higher government officials, and invited primary cooperative and union that came from Tigray regional state and Oromiya regional state respectively. The Founder and general Manager of Awach SACCOS welcomed the participants and said that Awach SACCOS celebrated this International SACCOS day for the third time. Also, W/ro Yetnayet Teklewold,
the International Cooperative
development, relations and research Manager of Awach SACCOS presented to the audience about the importance of celebrating the International SACCOS day. Moreover, Mr. Birhanu Dufera, the director of finance development directorate of the Federal Cooperative Agency presented about the history and development of SACCOS in the World in general and in Ethiopia in particular. The honorable guest, his Excellency Mr. Usman surur, the General Director of Federal Cooperative Agency, said that there are more than twenty one thousand SACCOS with 17.38 billion ETB savings in Ethiopia. Moreover, his Excellency Mr. Usman Surur said that the contribution of SACCOS to the country’s economic and social development is very significant. During the event, Awach SACCOS from Addis Ababa, Fana youth SACCOS from Tigray regional state and Abdi Gudina SACCOS union from Oromiya regional state shared their experience to the participants. Moreover, in the discussion session a committee was assigned to work on the formation of the first national cooperative federation in Ethiopia. At the end, Awach SACCOS honored and recognized the cooperative experts and those individuals that contributed a lot to the cooperative movement and development of Ethiopia by giving traditional clothes called “Gabi” and “bluko” which the highest gift given only to respected elders. Some of the experts are his Excellency, Dr. Haile Gebre (the first commission commissioner of Cooperatives in Ethiopia), Mr.Zerihun Alemayehu (referred as the father of cooperatives in Ethiopia) and Mr. Abiy Merkha (a life time cooperative expert), Ato Usman Surur (the General Director of FCA), W/ro Sendu Beyene (for serving SACCOS for a life time) and others for contributing for Awach SACCOS development.