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Children Saving

Awach saving and credit cooperative is established to enable the society to save money and take credit to fulfill their dream and resolve/minimize their financial problem. To this end the cooperative was established by 33 female and 8 male. In addition to adult saving, awach now has started children’s saving because, the best age to make saving a conscious habit is early age/ child hood because what we do frequently in our early age is most likely to be a habit when we grow up. The main aim of Awach is to enable/ help children to develop a conscious habit of saving.

In addition to saving we would like to empower children about spending and sharing. This will enable children to have a balanced financial management skill.

Based on this idea, A parent or a guardian of a child could open a children saving account at Awach SACCOS. The amount of money to be saved is decided by the parent or the guardian. In addition to this the parent of the guardian need to bring two photographs of the child and the parent.   After saving the child will get 10% of deposit interest.

Children under the age of 18 are eligible for children saving product.