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Due to the fact that Awach SACCOS is a model of saving and credit cooperative in Ethiopia and it is the only member from Ethiopia in the International Cooperative Alliance which is the apex organization of Cooperatives in the world, Awach was visited by Kenyan SACCOS in three rounds.

The first round was from Yetu SACCOS on March 17, 2017. Yetu SACCOS was formed in 1990 by tea producing farmers and it used to be known as South Amenti Tea Producing Farmers SACCOS until 2005.  Currently it is known as Yetu SACCOS and it has more than 23,000 members and has 5 billion Kenyan shilling capital. The group was led by Mr.Christopher Kirimi Ndegwa, the chairperson and Mr.John Mwiti, the CEO of Yetu SACCOS.

The second and the third group visited Awach SACCOS on May 11, 2017 and June 1, 2017 respectively. Both groups were from Kenya Union of Saving and Credit Cooperative (KUSCCO) and the Cooperative University of Kenya (CUK). The total number of visitors from Kenya SACCOS was 48.