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Requirement for Membership


  • A person who is not stripped of his/her legal rights
  • A person whose age eighteen  (18) and above
  • Any one capable to pay registration fee ,minimum share amount and regular saving
  • A person that accept and abide by the cooperative goals, objectives and rules.
  • A person willing to execute his or her responsibilities
  • A person should live at the cooperatives operation areas and has regular income
  • Should bring two passport size photograph
  • Should bring copy of kebele identification card.

Registration Fee

  •  Any person should pay ETB 1000 in one payment as registration fee


  •  The value of one (1) share is ETB 1000 and one member has to buy at least two shares(i.e., ETB 2000).

Regular Saving

  •  Any person who is member of the cooperative should pay ETB 350  or 10% of monthly saving regularly once in a month as a regular saving

Voluntary Saving

  •  A member of the cooperative could save any amount of money as a voluntary saving that could be withdrawn at any time.