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Zerihun Sheleme Founder and General Manager

Awach Saving and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd. was founded by Mr. Zerihun Sheleme Erensa with 41 (33 female and 8 male individuals) co-founders on March 22/ 2007 to promote the saving culture among community members in Arada sub-city. During this long run, Awach managed to expand to enrich the community of the Addis Ababa City and the vicinity dwellers.

The cooperative which was led by Mr. Zerihun Sheleme Erensa conducted groundbreaking endeavors in constructing a competent citizen as well as offering consultations to devise an effective strategy to mobilize resources that can be used for productive investments. The outcome of their consultations were considered to layout a reliable option to get micro-credit and saving services which was back then crowded by institutions that are unreachable for low and middle-level income individuals.

Mr. Zerihun Sheleme, the Visionary and oriented General Manager with an immense experience of supporting and coordinating development programs is currently running Awach Saccos Ltd. Born in 1972 G.C., Mr.Zerihun pursued his academic career from a Diploma in Management to a Bachelor’s Degree in Management; and currently is undertaking his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. His extensive yet vivid communication and managerial skills are the pillars for his and Awach Sacco’s success as well in today’s dynamic world of Business.

In its entirety, he has worked from 2003 to 2008 as Micro-enterprise Development (MED) Animator, and from 2008- to 2010 as a Program Coordinator at Arat Kilo Child Care Development Center. Nonetheless, his enormous experience as a Social worker from august 1996 attributed much to know the community and work from bottom up.

His work experience from 2008 till recent, from being a program coordinator at Arat Kilo Child Care Center to being a General Manager at Awach Saccos has proven him with integrity and versatility. Moreover, the smooth communication skills gained through working in different posts as a Social Worker, Project Officer, Program Coordinator, and General Manager was very much handy in achieving the above. During this course, he has attained various horary awards from House of Commons, Federal Cooperative Agency, Arat Kilo Child Care and Community Development, Addis Ababa Trade & Industry Development Bureau and others.

Of the countless successes he has maintained so far, the fact that the increment in the numbers of members from 146 to more than 300; and from less than 500,000 birr capital to 1,183,294 Birr in just Six Months time during January 1, 2011, when he took over the company is undeniably an eminent, tangible and huge evidence of success to mention. It is to be noted that Awach started with 15,236.97 Birr Capital 12 years ago and currently operates with more than 820,751,979.11 Birr Capital and more than 20,092 members.