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Social Support Program Final Day

Addis Ababa June 5, 2020


Awach SACCOS have been providing food items and hygiene materials to civid-19 victims and vulnerable societies since June 3, 2020. The donation program ended today with the participation of higher federal government officials, sub city and woreda officials, artists and top management of Awach SACCOS.

H.E. Mr. Usman Surur, the General Director of the Federal Cooperative Agency, made an opening speech by saying that “cooperatives are means of fulfilling the development need of the society”. In His speech, H.E. Ato Usman Surur appreciated Awach SACCOS for its usual support of the public and for being with the society in time of need. He also thanked the members of Awach SACCOS, the Artists, the management and staffs of Awach SACCOS.

AWACH held its fifth council meeting

Awach saving and credit cooperative society ltd held its fifth ordinary council meeting on March 2, 2017. In the meeting, Ato Zerihun Sheleme, the founder and general manager of Awach SACCOS ltd presented the bi-annual report of 2016-2017 to the council members. The meeting was opened by the guest speaker Ato Negasi Seyum from Federal Cooperative Agency .